LVC Mathematical Physics Research Group

Summer 2023: David Lyons, Nick Treadwell, Jack Putnam, Cristy Mullican, Alex Baver

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David W. Lyons (Mathematics)

Cristina Mullican (Mathematics)

Scott N. Walck (Physics)

Current and past students

*Names marked with a star are student co-authors in peer-reviewed research journals

Nick P. Treadwell '26 (Actuarial Science and Data Science)

Alex Baver '25 (Actuarial Science)

*Jack D. Putnam '25 (Mathematics and Physics)

*Adam J. Rilatt '24 (Computer Science)

*Ashley F. Swogger '23 (Mathematics)

*Jesse R. Arnold '23 (Mathematics)

C. David Campbell '20 (Actuarial Science)

Isaac T. Lehman '21 (Physics, Grove City College)

*Alexander J. Heilman '19 (Physics)

Justin Cammarota '19 (Physics and Mathematics)

*Ezekiel W. Wertz '18 (Physics)

*Nathaniel P. Gibbons '18 (Physics and Mathematics)

*Mark A. Peters '17 (Actuarial Science and Mathematics)

*Chase D. Yetter '17 (Actuarial Science and Mathematics)

*Daniel J. Upchurch '16 (Physics)

Sarah M. Black '15 (Actuarial Science and Mathematics)

Ian M. Finley '15 (Computer Science)

Adam R. Rosier '14 (Physics)

Ian H. Bond '14 (Physics)

Anthony R. Hoover '14 (Physics and Mathematics)

Kelsey A. Moore '14 (Actuarial Science)

*Abigail M. Skelton '14 (Mathematics)

Oliver D. Lyons '13 (Physics and Actuarial Science)

Nathan L. Kearney '12 (Mathematics)

E. Chris Ulicny '12 (Mathematics and Computer Science)

Ian M. Younker '12 (Physics)

*Curt D. Cenci '11 (Mathematics)

Adam B. Hansell '11 (Physics)

*Laura M. Snyder '11 (Physics)

*Stephanie A. Blanda '09 (Mathematics and Computer Science)

Daniel A. Pitonyak '08 (Mathematics and Physics)

Robert T. Schaeffer '07 (Mathematics and Computer Science)

*James K. Glasbrenner '06 (Physics).

*Matthew H. Lochman '06 (Mathematics and Physics)

*Shawn A. Hilbert '04 (Physics)

Nicholas A. Hamblett '04 (Mathematics and Computer Science)

Jonathan S. Pitt '03 (Mathematics and Physics)

*Nathan C. Hansell '02 (Physics)