LVC Mathematical Physics Research Group

Summer 2018: David Lyons, Alex Heilman, Scott Walck

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Current and past students

*Names marked with a star are student co-authors in peer-reviewed research journals

Alexander J. Heilman '20 (Physics)

Justin Cammarota '19 (Physics and Mathematics)

*Ezekiel W. Wertz '18 (Physics)

*Nathaniel P. Gibbons '18 (Physics and Mathematics)

*Mark A. Peters '17 (Actuarial Science and Mathematics)

*Chase D. Yetter '17 (Actuarial Science and Mathematics)

*Daniel J. Upchurch '16 (Physics)

Sarah M. Black '15 (Actuarial Science and Mathematics). Actuarial Analyst, Aetna, Harrisburg, PA.

Ian M. Finley '15 (Computer Science)

Adam R. Rosier '14 (Physics). IT professional, Holy Spirit Health System, PA.

Ian H. Bond '14 (Physics). Engineering 3/2 student, Pennsylvania State University.

Anthony R. Hoover '14 (Physics and Mathematics). Physics PhD student, Lehigh University.

Kelsey A. Moore '14 (Actuarial Science). Actuary, Penn Mutual, Horsham, PA.

*Abigail M. Skelton '14 (Mathematics)

Oliver D. Lyons '13 (Physics and Actuarial Science) CAT Analyst, ACE Group, Philadelphia, PA.

Nathan L. Kearney '12 (Mathematics). IT professional, TESSCO Technologies, Timonium, MD.

E. Chris Ulicny '12 (Mathematics and Computer Science). Mathematics PhD student, University of Delaware.

Ian M. Younker '12 (Physics). Nuclear Engineering PhD student, Pennsylvania State University.

*Curt D. Cenci '11 (Mathematics). Manager (Business Performance), Hershey Foods, Hershey, PA.

Adam B. Hansell '11 (Physics). MS Physics '13, Lehigh University. Instructor of Mathematics at Valley Forge Military College, PA.

*Laura M. Snyder '11 (Physics). Physics PhD student, Lehigh University.

*Stephanie A. Blanda '09 (Mathematics and Computer Science). PhD Mathematics '15, Pennsylvania State University. Assistant professor at Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA.

Daniel A. Pitonyak '08 (Mathematics and Physics). PhD Physics, Temple University '13. Postoc at Penn State Berks 2016. Researcher at Brookhaven National Lab 2013--16.

Robert T. Schaeffer '07 (Mathematics and Computer Science). Software Engineer, Prelude Services, Harrisburg, PA.

*James K. Glasbrenner '06 (Physics). PhD Physics '13 , University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Naval Research Lab.

*Matthew H. Lochman '06 (Mathematics and Physics). PhD Mathematics '11, Texas Tech University. Mathematics Dept., Howard Community College.

*Shawn A. Hilbert '04 (Physics). PhD Physics '09, University of Nebraska. Assistant Professor of Physics, Texas Lutheran University.

Nicholas A. Hamblett '04 (Mathematics and Computer Science). PhD Mathematics '10, University of Virginia. Systems Engineer, Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.

Jonathan S. Pitt '03 (Mathematics and Physics). PhD Engineering '09, Pennsylvania State University. Research Associate, Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State.

*Nathan C. Hansell '02 (Physics). Masters in Science Education '09, LVC. Physics Teacher, Lebanon, PA.